Monday, March 26, 2007

Roundup: Broadus Makes it Official

Coach Kevin Broadus was officially announced as the new head coach for Binghamton University (go Bearcats!) this afternoon. So far, no info on who his assistant coaches will be. Broadus will stay with the Hoyas until the season concludes.

As they say, you can't hardly swing a cat (or search Technorati or Google News) and not hit a bunch of Georgetown stories these days. I'd just like to point out this one:
After the 2005 Final Four, Illinois held a celebration at Memorial Stadium. As Deron Williams trotted out, the fans chanted “one more year”, and I just smiled. An hour later my wife and I were having dinner at Zorbas when Bruce Webber walked in to order food for his family. My wife said, “nice job coach,” and in a quiet raspy voice Webber responded, “thank you.”

A Webber media interview the next day expressed a different encounter with a fan. “I ran into a fan today and he said, next year we’ll win 38 games. I want to make this clear, 37-2 is a special season. I hope the fans had as much fun as we did. I hope they enjoyed the ride, because a season like this doesn’t come around very often.”

And this one:
Ewing's basket off a missed Green shot in the final minutes helped draw the Hoyas within one, and his effort on the defensive end embodied Georgetown's pressure against North Carolina, which had no answer for the Hoyas' zone defense the final seven minutes of the game. Ewing wept for joy afterward, saying: "I had to let out. All those years people said I wouldn't live up to my father. And to accomplish something he did in college, to go to the Final Four and hopefully win a national championship, I just lost it when I saw him and my family."

And a reader sent in some stats analysis:

Since KenPom didn't do an HD box, I thought I'd calculate +/- numbers for players by half. Data source here, and I'm not sure how complete the substitution data is. For example, Wallace is shown exiting at 2H 4:35, making 2 FTs at 2H 3:15, and returning to the game at 2H :45. JWall is awesome, but not so awesome he can score while not in the game. With that disclaimer...

1st 2nd Reg OT Total
Wallace +1 +5 +6 +12 +18
Hibbert -1 +7 +6 +12 +18
Sapp -7 +8 +1 +12 +13
Ewing +4 +7 +11 -- +11
Green -12 +8 -4 +12 +8
Summers -3 -1 -4 +12 +8
Macklin -6 -1 -7 -- -7
Rivers -6 -3 -9 -- -9

Yes, PE2 is awesome. No, I didn't think Green played that badly in the first half, either.

Still elated,

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