Saturday, March 24, 2007

Analysis: A Tale of 2 Halves (Sweet 16 edition)

Much like the 2nd round game against Boston College, Georgetown played a brilliant 2nd half on offense to make up for a lousy 1st half. The difference this time was that Vanderbilt played better in the 2nd half themselves, which made it such a close game.

Here are the numbers (from this box score):

Stat 1st 2nd Full
Pace 29 28 57

OEff 83.5 150.3 116.4
eFG% 37.5% 62.5% 51.8%
TO% 24.3% 14.3% 19.4%
OR% 41.2% 56.3% 48.5%
FTM/FGA 25.0% 6.3% 14.3%

DEff 111.3 118.1 114.6
eFG% 57.7% 42.0% 50.0%
TO% 10.4% 7.1% 8.8%
OR% 13.3% 44.4% 29.4%
FTA/FGA 15.4% 64.0% 39.2%

The difference between halves for Georgetown is incredible; significant improvement in the first 3 factors lead to an 80% increase in offensive efficiency. JTIII's ability to make adjustments at halftime is what is keeping the Hoyas alive in the tournament.

Vanderbilt played smart, valuing the ball in a slow-paced game (5 TOs for the whole game!). Vanderbilt's shooting cooled in the 2nd half, but the team did a great job on the offensive glass to keep in the contest (also note the lopsided foul-shooting in the 2nd half - I wonder, if Green had missed that final shot, how many commentators would have pointed out the one-sided officiating favoring Vanderbilt?).

Individual player notes:
  • After playing only 4 minutes in the 2nd half against BC, Dajuan Summers played the entire 2nd half last night, hitting 3 of 4 3-pt. attempts.
  • Jeff Green (PPWS = 1.31) and Roy Hibbert (1.35) were their typical efficient selves; but Jon Wallace (1st half = 0.00, 2nd = 1.33) and Jessie Sapp (0.17, 0.91) cannot repeat their 1st half performances if G'town is to have a chance against UNC.
  • Hats off to Dan Cage (1.32) and Ross Neltner (1.65) of Vandy for stepping up when Derrick Byars (0.83, 1.43) had a quiet 1st half and Shan Foster (1.29, 0.67) had a quiet 2nd half.

See also Jon Solomon's nice bit about the history of the last play.

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