Saturday, March 31, 2007

News: And so it goes

The Hoyas magical run came to an end today, with a loss to the OSU Buckeyes, 67-60.

Here's the four factors chart for the game using the official box score:

Stat 1st 2nd Full
Pace 28 31 59

OEff 82.6 119.1 101.8
eFG% 52.5% 58.1% 55.9%
TO% 32.3% 16.1% 23.8%
OR% 23.1% 46.2% 34.6%
FTM/FGA 10.0% 3.2% 5.9%

DEff 96.9 128.8 113.7
eFG% 44.2% 50.0% 47.4%
TO% 14.4% 13.2% 13.8%
OR% 31.6% 55.6% 43.2%
FTA/FGA 30.8% 35.5% 33.3%

While the eFG% for both G'town and OSU are right where you'd like to see them for both halves, the other stats show where the game was lost. There were 6 more turnovers and 7 less offensive rebounds for the Hoyas, so OSU took 13 more opportunities to score and Georgetown wasn't able to make up that difference with shooting accuracy as they did against UNC. And give the Buckeyes credit for the turnover difference, as they had 8 steals in the game, five more than G'town; they were able to score a number of times on the fast break thanks to those steals (which hurt much more than TOs that result in a whistle, e.g. traveling calls).

I'm off-line for a week. Hopefully one (or some) of the other posters on this blog can write up a season recap (I'm looking at you, Mike).

Congratulations to the Georgetown players and coaches on a fine season.

And a tip of the cap to Mike Conley Jr., Greg Oden and the rest of the Buckeyes for their great game today, and good luck to them in the finals.

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