Saturday, October 1, 2011

In case you missed it

We participated in a Big East bloggers round table along with a select group of just about every other Big East blogger. (h/t
Pico Dulce over at Rumble in the Garden was kind enough to herd us cats into providing answers to five burning questions during the off season:

1.  Which player's loss will be felt the most by the team?
Our answer:  Chris Wright

2.  Which returning player needs to step their game up?
Our answer:  Henry Sims

3.  Which returning/ incoming player will surprise (positively)?
Our answer:  Jabril Trawick

4.  Who are you most excited to see on campus?
Our answer:  Otto Porter

5.  Who is the future of the program, whether on campus, verbally committed, or not-yet-committed?
Our answer:  It's complicated

I'm proud to say that Alan and I provided the most verbose answers, if nothing else.

Now if we'd only provide some actual content here . . .