Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Recap: BET 1st round, St. John's 64, Georgetown 59

Well, that's one game closer to the end of this execrable season.

The Hoyas once again lost to the St. John's Redmen in Madison Square Garden, putting an end to their Big East Tournament the same day it started. This is the 1st time Georgetown was put out in the 1st round since the 2004 tournament.

Once again, I can't track down a workable play-by-play for the game, so I'll just post a tempo-free box score.

Let's run the numbers:

.                     Offense                            Defense
. 1st Half 2nd Half Total 1st Half 2nd Half Total
Pace 33 32 65

Eff. 85.5 96.0 90.7 91.6 105.3 98.4

eFG% 36.2 47.4 40.6 42.0 36.5 39.2
TO% 21.4 24.8 23.1 18.3 21.7 20.0
OR% 40.0 33.3 37.5 16.7 47.4 32.4
FTA/FGA 31.0 94.7 56.3 44.0 69.2 56.9
FTM/FGA 24.1 68.4 41.7 36.0 57.7 47.1

Assist Rate 40.0 50.0 44.4 33.3 44.4 38.9
Block Rate 4.3 0.0 2.9 10.0 35.0 22.5
Steal Rate 6.1 18.6 12.3 15.3 9.3 12.3

2FG% 39.1 54.5 44.1 30.0 40.0 35.0
3FG% 16.7 25.0 21.4 60.0 16.7 36.4
FT% 77.8 72.2 74.1 81.8 83.3 82.8

When you look at the tempo-free numbers, you should realize just how close this game actually was.

Georgetown ended the game with a higher eFG%, better rebounding and equivalent FTA rate to St. John's. The Redmen simply made more FTs than you'd expect (the Johnies shot 65% in conference play, but 85% in two games against the Hoyas) and committed two fewer turnovers. In fact, I just looked it up and the two Georgetown games were the only conference games where St. John's shot better than 80%.

Sometimes, it's just not going to be your year.

I could go own, but just lack the will right now.

The Hoyas will presumably compete in a post-season tournament (NIT?), so no end-of-season review until then.

I'll update the sidebar stats pages in the next few days. Hopefully Tom will update the log5 predictions for the rest of the tournament either late tonight or tomorrow morning.


  1. I presume you say it, but the BE has PBP as part of their box score. Stupid coloring, but somebody with no life could make a workable pxp out of it. So, look for an email in June or some other random time.

  2. Yeah, I did see it. My HD box maker can't handle that format right now.

    A few of the Big East teams seem to use this format as well (DePaul for one, as I recall), so I'll just need to re-write my code to handle this next season.

    I could really use an intern.