Saturday, February 24, 2007

Analysis: BET Seeding Possibilites

After Saturday's BE games, Georgetown currently stands at 12-2, alone in first place in the conference. Pitt (11-3) and Louisville (10-4), with less than 5 losses, are the other teams still in play for the regular season conference title. Here are the remaining scenarios that would give Georgetown at least a share of the regular-season title, and a #1 seed:

Hoyas 2-0 (W @ Syracuse, v. UConn)
  • Louisville holds the tie breaker vs. Pitt (head-to-head 1-0), and could obtain the #2 seed by winning at least one more remaining game than Pitt.
  • If Pitt loses out, ending 11-5, Notre Dame could pass them by reaching 11 wins. Notre Dame would win any tiebreaker against L'ville and/or Pitt.
Hoyas 1-1 (W @ 'Cuse, L v. UConn)

Hoyas 1-1
(L @ 'Cuse, W v. UConn)
  • Pitt 1-1 or worse
  • Pitt 2-0 and 'Cuse loses at Villanova. If Pitt goes 2-0, Georgetown and Pitt would end tied. Since they split head-to-head, the next tiebreaker is best record against next best team. Georgetown has a 1-0 record against all possible next best teams, except Syracuse (currently 0-0). Pitt beat 'Cuse in their only meeting, so would win this tiebreaker against G'town.
Hoyas 0-2
  • Pitt 1-1, L'ville 2-0. In case of a three-way tie for first, G'town would win the mini-conference by best combined head-to-head record (GU 2-1; L'ville 1-1; Pitt 1-2).
  • Pitt 0-2. Georgetown holds a head-to-head tiebreaker against L'ville (and therefore the Cardinals cannot be seeded higher than G'town under any scenario).

Georgetown will fall to the #2 seed (Pitt #1), but share the regular-season title if:

Hoyas 1-1 (L @ 'Cuse, W v. UConn)
  • Pitt 2-0 and 'Cuse wins at Villanova. See above.
Hoyas 0-2
  • Pitt 1-1, L'ville 1-1 or worse, and 'Cuse wins at 'Nova. See above.

Georgetown will fall to the #2 seed and lose the regular-season title if:

Hoyas 0-2
  • Pitt 2-0

I think that's everything - let me know what I missed.

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