Friday, March 21, 2008

News: Georgetown Beats UMBC, Will Face Davidson Sunday

The Hoyas today advanced to the second round of the NCAA tournament, topping UMBC, 66-47. Not a pretty game, but the Hoyas did what they needed to do to win. No full box available yet, but here are some of the key stats:
  • Hoyas 64.3% from 2-point range, including 69.2% in the first half.

  • UMBC 33.5% from 2-point range.

  • Hoyas 42.9% from the charity stripe. Not a great performance.

  • Hoyas turned the ball over on 24.8% of possessions. Tough to win if they do that again on Sunday.

  • Most shots: Wallace, followed by Hibbert. Efficient players taking the lead offensively! I approve.

  • When your blogger takes a half day off work he intends to be home in time for the Hoya game, not work until 6:30. /Whine off.

I'll be back tomorrow (Saturday) with more on what you can expect from the Davidson Wildcats, and hopefully a full box score as well.
UPDATE (3/22/08, 1915 CT): No full box still, so I'll just post what I have.
                Offense     Defense

Pace 60

Eff. 109.2 77.8

eFG% 58.8% 40.0%
TO% 24.8% 19.9%
OR% 35.5% 23.7%
FTA/FGA 27.5% 26.0%
FTM/FGA 11.8% 14.0%

Assist Rate 53.8% 50.0%
Block Rate 8.3% 0.0%
Steal Rate 9.9% 19.9%

2FG% 64.3% 33.3%
3FG% 34.8% 30.8%
FT% 42.9% 53.8%

Aside from the points noted above, nothing much to add from the full-game box.

Pomeroy prediction v Davidson: 67-61, 63 possessions, Hoyas with a 75.5% chance of winning.

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