Sunday, March 23, 2008

Analysis: Davidson 74, Georgetown 70

Well, to use the HoyaTalk parlance, Edited. Davidson recovers from an 11-point halftime deficit, and being down 17 early in the second half, to beat the Hoyas, 74-70, and end their season.

Let's run the numbers:
                        Offense                            Defense
1st Half 2nd Half Total 1st Half 2nd Half Total
Pace 31 32 63

Eff. 123.7 98.7 110.8 87.9 144.9 117.2

eFG% 78.6 72.5 75.6 30.0 59.3 43.9
TO% 26.0 37.0 31.7 9.8 6.2 7.9
OR% 33.3 27.3 30.4 31.8 38.5 34.3
FTA/FGA 47.6 35.0 41.5 40.0 66.7 52.6
FTM/FGA 23.8 15.0 19.5 30.0 55.6 42.1

Assist Rate 42.9 41.7 42.3 25.0 57.1 45.5
Block Rate 18.8 0.0 10.3 0.0 0.0 0.0
Steal Rate 3.3 3.1 3.2 3.3 16.3 9.5

2FG% 64.3 77.8 69.6 37.5 76.9 55.2
3FG% 71.4 45.5 55.6 14.3 28.6 21.4
FT% 50.0 42.9 47.1 75.0 83.3 80.0

Some relevant numbers highlighted, but no other commentary from me right now. I'll probably do an HD box of this game some time in the next couple days, maybe even broken down by half.
UPDATE (3/23/08, 2000 CT): Just one thing to add for now:

OffEff v.Expected DefEff v.Expected
110.8 +4.5 117.2 +20.8

Once again, the offense looks bad, and certainly did some bad things in the second half, but the real problem came on the defensive side of the ball. Davidson hit 10 of 13 on 2's in the second half. Make that 5 or 6, like a Hoya opponent normally hits, and I'm figuring out how I'm going to get all my work done and still go to Detroit.

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  1. I've been saying for the last two years Roy is our big man, get him the darn ball, every announcer for our games have stated this time and time again...Bilas, Rafferty, Packer, Elmore, the list goes can your 7'2" All-American hardly get any touches or just a few touches per game, he goes 3-3 with 1 rebound because of foul trouble, Chris Wright started giving Roy the ball in the time of need and you could see the game turning but coach took Chris out of the game then the ball completely stopped going inside, then Roy fouled out. I have stated for 2 years and we've play shakey for two years because we've relied on playing outside, in, instead of inside, out...everytime we've went away from Roy (inside, out) we struggled to win or loss games we shouldn't have, another words we've beaten ourselves in games we should have flat out won. I cannot and will not take anything away from teams that have flat out beaten us, Memphis and Pittsburgh, and perhaps Louisville, but I can tell you this when you have a 7'2" All-American you'd better know how to use him because you will not know what's good till it's it gone. I thank those seniors for their years and I've enjoyed my Hoyas, but we have yet played our Hoya ball thoroughly and consistently. We now will have a lot of players with high IQ's playing this game here at the Hilltop, Chris, Sims, Freeman, Monroe, Macklin is getting there, he will keep working hard, Sapp needs to keep working hard, DaJuan will need another year here at the Hilltop also, I hope he's not thinking about going to the league yet, I hope that is not the reason for his erratic play this season, believe me, I've seen it before, I love my team, but we have to get some things in order here...FEED THE POST! WE ARE GEORGETOWN! Just my opinion. kb