Sunday, March 16, 2008

News: Georgetown #2 Seed in Midwest Region, faces UMBC

The Hoyas earned the #2 seed in the Midwest Region and a trip to Raleigh for the first two games. Their first round opponent will be the Retrievers of Maryland-Balitmore County. Here's the full Midwest Region (Detroit) bracket, with Pomeroy rankings through yesterday's games:

1. Kansas-#1
16. Portland State #126
8. UNLV-#53
9. Kent State-#66

5. Clemson-#13
12. Villanova-#51
4. Vanderbilt-#48
13. Siena-#113

6. USC-#20
11. Kansas State-#15
3. Wisconsin-#4
14. CSU-Fullerton-#110

7. Gonzaga-#28
10. Davidson-#34
2. Georgetown-#8
15. UMBC-#144

I'll run log5 predictions after the Pomeroy ratings are updated with today's games. Quickie analysis with current numbers: Hoyas, 96.3% chance of winning, 75-57 in 60 possessions. Here is UMBC's Pomeroy page-note the excellent offense. Note two players over 6'5". Note an excellent offense (in raw terms), based primarily on not turning the ball over. Note the bad defense, based on not doing anything other than not fouling particularly well. More on UMBC tomorrow or Tuesday, along with the log5 numbers. Oh, and Wisconsin got screwed-they should be flipped with Duke.
The NCAA has posted the official bracket (PDF link). The first round game will be Friday afternoon, about 20 minutes after the conclusion of the 12:25 ET Gonzaga-Davidson game. Call it 3 PM ET, or about the same time as the Belmont game last year. The second round game will be on Sunday, either 2:40 or 5:15 PM. Win those, and it's off to Detroit for potential Friday and Sunday games.

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