Saturday, December 11, 2010

Early season lineup fun

Edited to add:  Now updated through App. State (12/12)

I haven't bothered to update the stats pages yet; rather, I'll wait until after tomorrow's game against Appalachian St.

In the meantime, I've started working up lineup stats for this season.  My main observation is that there are a lot of lineup combinations this season, as the rotation has been consistently 10-deep (and Moses Ayegba is just now eligible).

For now, just a couple of tables for your perusal.

First, a simple breakout of the minutes played by position.

This is the same type of table I generated over the summer for last season. Players are sorted by height, shortest to tallest, with weight serving as the tie-breaker. All heights and weights come from the GU website.

Not all slots will add up to 40 minutes, both due to rounding and because I don't show any player with less than a minute played at a position.

Here we go:
1:  Wright [32], Starks [5], Clark [3]
2:  Clark [27], Sanford [6], Freeman [4], Starks [3]
3:  Freeman [28], Thompson [9], Sanford [2], Bowen [1]
4:  Lubick [14], Benimon [13], Thompson [13]
5:  Vaughn [20], Sims [17], Lubick [2]

Not many surprises here.

The 4-slot is an obvious position of weakness for the Hoyas, and I think this may be the story to follow over the next couple of months.

Hollis Thompson is the nominal starter there but is undersized and spends almost as much time out on the wing when one of the big-three guards rests.

I think the plan is (was?) for Nate Lubick to increasingly occupy that slot, but he's not been able to play well enough to dominate minutes there.  Jerrelle Benimon remains an offensive liability, but he's playing stronger defensively this year to deserve minutes.  Right now, I'd call them interchangeable pieces.

With Ayegba about to arrive on the scene, it will be interesting to see if he is serviceable enough to start stealing minutes.

Another option would be to play Henry Sims and Julian Vaughn at the same time, but Coach Thompson has seemed loath to try this.  By my count, they've never actually been out on the floor at the same time this season.

If you're bored - and if you're reading this, you probably are - take a look at Alan's speculative post on minutes before the season began, compared to what's actually transpired.  Also, you can bet that the rotation will tighten up a bit once conference play starts.

Next, lineup efficiencies so far.

I'm limiting this list to the 15 lineups most frequently used, but this cutoff is a bit arbitrary. So far, there have been 97 (!) combinations that have made it onto the floor together, but only the top 12 have played at least 10 offense or defense possessions as a unit.

The "Time" columns refer to the average possession length, in seconds.

All the normal caveats about small sample size and that these stats don't account for competition (i.e. which opposing players were on the court).

.                                             Offense                 Defense
Lineup                                 # poss  OEff   Time     # poss  DEff   Time
Clark-Freeman-Thompson-Vaughn-Wright     147   130    17.2       146    94    18.4
Clark-Freeman-Lubick-Sims-Wright          49   139    14.2        51    75    16.8
Clark-Freeman-Sims-Thompson-Wright        47   128    16.2        46    91    16.0
Benimon-Clark-Freeman-Vaughn-Wright       45   116    17.8        44   111    16.6
Benimon-Clark-Freeman-Sims-Wright         36   100    16.5        39    87    17.0
Clark-Freeman-Lubick-Vaughn-Wright        30    90    16.2        28    89    20.8
Freeman-Lubick-Sanford-Sims-Wright        20   105    21.9        18   150    13.6
Freeman-Lubick-Thompson-Vaughn-Wright     10   150    19.9        12   108    16.0
Clark-Lubick-Starks-Thompson-Vaughn       10   110    18.1        10   140    18.6
Clark-Lubick-Sims-Thompson-Wright         8    100    16.8        12    67    20.1
Benimon-Clark-Freeman-Lubick-Wright       9    133    22.1        11   146    16.4
Freeman-Lubick-Sims-Starks-Wright         11   118    17.4        8    150    22.1
Freeman-Lubick-Sims-Thompson-Wright       8     50    20.4        8     75    15.2
Benimon-Clark-Freeman-Sims-Thompson       8    213    26.0        7     71    18.4
Clark-Lubick-Sanford-Sims-Wright          8     88    17.4        7     57    13.9

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