Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Inevitable Comp

Both teams are led by an All-American caliber SF/PF.

Both teams have sharpshooting junior point guards and Onions at the SG position.

Both teams have a junior glue guy at PF. Both teams have a freshman scorer forcing his way into PT.

Both teams lost two early games in the Big East (including one to Pitt), then proceeded to go on a run.

The 2006-07 team went out after their Pitt loss and went 12-1 the rest of the way. The current team is 11-1 since their Pitt loss.

The 2006-07 opponents' average Pomeroy ranking during the run was 63. The current team's is 74 -- though if you just take the current 9 game winning streak, it is 64.

The average margin of victory during the 12-1 run was 10.5. The average margin of victory during this season's 11-1 run is 10.8.

Do with this as you will.

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