Friday, February 22, 2013


Just how good has Otto Porter been in conference play?

Player           ORating    Usage %    DRating   Net Points
Porter '12-13      117        25%         80        +13
Freeman '10-11     109        26%        100         +5
Freeman '09-10     127        21%          -         +5
Monroe '09-10      106        26%          -         +9
Hibbert '07-08     120        26%          -          -
Unfortunately, I can't get good conference stats on Jeff Green's 06-07 run, but Porter is likely having the best in conference season for a Hoya since Roy Hibbert's dominant 2007-08.

His offensive game has been wildly efficient despite increasing his shot attempts. But Otto doesn't nearly get enough credit for being the lynchpin of a defense that has not really taken a step back since Greg Whittington's suspension.


  1. Net points have been outstanding for Otto. Freeman had some obscenely effecient runs, but as you note Otto has managed to combine that with a top-10 d, something Lumpy and Free were never able to do.

  2. Pretty numbers. We are going to miss him so much...