Sunday, February 26, 2012

Just a couple of odds and ends has a link to a nice article about John Thompson III from the Washingtonian. Not a lot of new material, but a very nice overview of the man.

And, in light of tomorrow's game against Notre Dame, I found this old highlight package on my hard drive from the 2007 BET semi-final, an epic. We might remember the Hoyas from that game, but you can forget how good Russell Carter, Rob Kurz and Colin Falls were for the Irish that year. And Tory Jackson had his coming-out party at the Garden in the closing minutes of the game, lighting up Jessie Sapp and others.

Sorry for the lousy quality of the clip - probably why I hadn't bothered to upload to YouTube until today.


  1. Green 34.3% %Poss with an efficiency of 135.5. Granted, there wasn't a lot of defense that game, but that's insane.

    1. I actually updated the stats for the original game recap last night. A few other thoughts:
      - Green didn't have a great shooting game (9/19 2FG, 0/1 3FG) but got to the line a ton and made his FTs.
      - Jeremiah Rivers was the only Hoya who could say he had a solid defensive game (and yeah, he was brutal on offense). He shows up late in the highlight package trying to guard Jackson (JT3 finally having to yank Sapp), but switches on a pick.
      - Freshman Harangody made is presence felt by using a ton of possessions inefficiently and playing the worst defense for the Irish.