Friday, February 17, 2012

Can someone measure Jason Clark's wingspan?

I should be doing work right now, but instead I was trolling on Basketball Prospectus' website, which had an article about most tradeable players in the NBA [$]. Within that article is another link, to the wonderful DraftExpress pre-draft measurement database.

For some reason, that table got me to thinking about the relationship between height and wingspan, and how Jason Clark would figure on that scale. It also reminded me of a classic HoyaTalk thread: Jason Clark's Wing Span...

So, since I still don't want to do work, I decided to work out how big your wingspan should be compared to your height - at least if you are a potential NBA player, which is the cohort from which the data derives.

So, here it is:

It's that simple - just take your height and add 4.5" and that is your expected wingspan.

Some trivia from the database:
  • the player with the greatest wingspan is former Hoya target John Riek
  • the player with the best reach for his height is Dallas Lauderdale
  • a few of those dots well-below the fitted line are from obscure Europeans, who might have bad measurements
  • the player with the worst reach for his height from the reliable measurements is Marshall Plumlee

I should probably go back to work.

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