Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dusting off the cobwebs . . .

After fading as badly as the Hoyas this spring, I've returned to turn the lights on, mow the lawn and pick up the newspapers - don't want the neighbors to think we've moved out!

It surely has been a quite summer around here, and elsewhere in Hoya nation, as even Hoya Hoops looks to have quieted down. Another favorite blog (TVBB) may have even gone belly-up - no posts since January! Sure, there's always HoyaSaxa and HoyaTalk to get your Kenner League fill, but even there strange things are afoot as a rogue board seems to have sprung up. And, of course, the wags at CasualHoya are still churning out the Hoya-flavored snark.

So what do we (or at least I) have to show for the months off? Not much, at least in the basketball world. But, I've started to churn through some recorded games from last season (thanks Tom!) and will try to compile at least of couple of game highlight packages.

Kicking it off is the Maryland game from the Old Spice Classic last November (to download a higher quality version, click here).

I'll try to update the links this week - HoyaBalla's board needs to get posted, at least. And as the month moves along, I'll start to crank up the HD box score program to finally churn through the rest of last Big East season, and then get to re-writing the darn thing to work a bit better for next year.

Also, I'll be dusting off some remaining charts and graphs from last season's team, as we look at what went wrong one more time as a lead-up towards what we expect (hope) we'll see this year.

P.S. - Tom, I promise to send out that Duke game DVD any day now . . .

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