Sunday, December 28, 2008

Housekeeping: New Stats Feature and Big East HD Boxes

I've added a new pages of stats analysis on the sidebar to the right:
Individual Net Points
It's a work in progress, where I'm trying to summarize the individual net points tables I generate after each game. The goal is to provide a simple way to visually compare offensive, defensive and overall performance of each player per game. Obviously, you can look at the game stats of any individual game if you want to delve into the details.

Let us know what you think:
  • a worthwhile effort
  • a waste of time, space and electrons
  • whaaaa?

I'm sure I'll regret it, but I'm still planning on posting HD Box scores for all available Big East conf. games. At this point, however, there are a number of schools that are not posting complete play-by-play data, so this may be limited.

Here's a summary of what I've found so far (table edited, thanks to info from in comments):
School           PBP Good?      Comments
Cincinnati Maybe No substitution data at team site;
Connecticut Yes Only pbp & final box score; should be able to handle this
DePaul No No substitution data
Georgetown Yes Preferred style
Louisville Yes Same format as G'town
Marquette Yes Same format as G'town
Notre Dame Yes No 2nd half box score; can handle this
Pittsburgh Yes No 2nd half box score; can handle this
Providence Maybe Box score only at team site;
Rutgers Maybe Box score only at team site;
St. John's No Box score only
Seton Hall Yes Only pbp & final box score; should be able to handle this
South Florida Yes Only pbp & final box score; should be able to handle this
Syracuse No No substitution data
Villanova Yes Same format as G'town
West Virginia Maybe Box score only at team site;

As I understand it, the home team will determine what kind of game data is available, so right now only 9 teams will put out play-by-play that I can process. With, that would be 13 teams, with only DePaul, St. John's and Syracuse missing.

I'll send off an e-mail to each school's S.I.D. where the game data is lacking, and maybe I can fill in some of these gaps.

I don't want to clutter up the front page with box scores that may not be of great interest to my reader (e.g. DePaul v. South Florida), so I'll put a link on the right side bar to a master page with links to all teams, and then sub-pages for each team. I'll try to get that set up tonight.

Let me know if you'd like to see something that I'm not providing, either in the HD box score or in how it's presented here. And please be patient if a game isn't posted right away - real life duties will likely take up most of my time on-and-off during the rest of the season.


  1. Amazing how similar all the starters are.

    I realize some of that is methodology, especially on defense, right?

    But on offense, especially, I think it speaks to how even our team is. We haven't really had a lot of games where one player is having a highly efficient game and another player isn't.

  2. This is cool!

    For Providence I usually get the PBP on

    For example:

    Seems like a few home games for us are missing which is weird, so I'm not sure where he is pulling the data from. I can ask the founder of the site if you want.


  3. Frairblog,

    Hmmm, that's really interesting. I have chatted with the StatSheet founder last season, but it certainly has been a while. I hadn't realized that he was posting play-by-play these days. I should definitely get in touch with him.

    That looks like it should work for me - I'll have to try a couple of games once Big East conf. play starts. I'll need to so some minor (I hope) code tweaks, but that just might work. Thanks!

    I actually thought the charts brought out the differences! I think I've been staring at them too long.

    The defense is less sensitive than offense, but it can still be highly variable - for instance, look at Summers vs. Freeman for Tennessee.

    Obviously, possessions played is the biggest driver. I thought of putting a tag over each bar with # of possessions played, but worried it would make the charts too busy. Would it help?

  4. Terrific site. Are you planning splits for all the BE teams? Can't wait to see the HD boxes.

  5. Yeah, I was curious about adding more data on the charts. Almost feel like a cumulative offense and a cumulative defense # would be nice for comparison purposes (where everyone's value is), but worried about clutter as well.

    Possessions might be interesting, but I almost feel like it's only really relevant for foul trouble and backups. It may be worth it, but not if it is a lot of work.