Sunday, December 14, 2008

Game Ball: Memphis

CO has already given his player of the game to DaJuan Summers, so consider this an extra game ball.

But it has to go to John Thompson, III. In every sport, coaches who are considered geniuses at one point are often exposed when they cannot adjust their strategy and game plans to their personnel. System coaches will look brilliant when the players fit, and when it does not, their teams often fail miserably.

This year's incarnation of the Hoyas hasn't gotten enough credit for both simultaneously running the same offense and at the same time, running it differently from previous years.

CO has already detailed how the team is running more. But the team has also undergone another dramatic shift: it is driving more in the halfcourt as well, and as a consequence is drawing many more fouls. For several years, Georgetown perimeter players simply didn't draw fouls. Sapp, Freeman and Wallace all hovered around a 20 FT Rate last year. This year, Chris Wright's 39 is the lowest of the top six players.

It was that ability to get to the line that won the Memphis game -- a game we would have lost last year (well, we did lose last year). Many people questioned Thompson's ability to adjust his style to his players. Thompson has done that smoothly, without abandoning any of the principles of his offense as well.


  1. So, I have to do my own math to get the season-to-date stats, or you guys are just too busy to post them?

  2. Oh, nevermind. It just appears that the pages are from November 2007.

  3. Actually, I'm sitting in a hotel room in San Francisco as I type this. But, just for you, I've updated team and individual stats through the Memphis game.

    Hope to get +/- and performance pages up-to-date later tonight.

    Thanks for checking in!

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