Friday, November 2, 2007

News: Spanning the Interweb

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    • one of [the] problems with green’s shot (though yesterday was just bad touch inside) as has been mentioned before is the sonics changed his form on his jumpshot when he arrived from gtown. i imagine it’ll take several months to see improvment on it - schrempfbucks
    • Green is a very good basketball player. One of those guys who covers for others mistakes, tips a lot of passes, tips rebounds to teamates, sets a good screen, understands how to position himself on defense, etc. Heady player on a team of num[b]skulls…which is our biggest problem right now. - chuckles2000
    • Could talk about Durant being a STAR last night but we all saw it. I love how he was the one who had to step up and score 5 points in a row to stop the streaking Suns. But I want to mention something I've noticed about "the other rookie". . . Jeff Green can guard anyone. He [h]as the body of a 5 year vet and the defensive mind of someone who is only in the league because of [their] defense. There were occasions vs. Denver where he was guarding AI and he didn't get by him and the same happened tonight with Steve Nash. That's really rare and impressive. Not to mention he can guard his position very well. Green's offense will come after his defense, but he is the type of player that helps brings championships. DID YOU SEE HIM RIGHT 2 LEFT GRANT HILL AT THE TOP OF THE KEY AND HIT A 18 FOOTER? His minutes should only go up. - brandon
  • has wrapped up their team previews with Georgetown and Louisville this week. The author (Coach O) rates G'town #2, and seems to be a big fan of L'ville's team, both quite defensible, although the cursory nature of the reviews and archaic stats (ppg; rpg ?!) certainly leaves room for debate.
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  1. Yes, I like the Hoyas to take the Big East this year. Replacing Jeff Green will be rough, but both Summers and Ewing have been schooled in the system (Princeton Offense) and should be in a position to (with playing time this year) be ready by the start of the BE regular season. If the pattern of the past few seasons holds, Georgetown will drop an unexpected game or two during the early part of the season, but your offense should be hitting on all cylinders by February-March.

    I confess I was not sure how well the Princeton Offense would translate in the environment of a power conference. Northwestern (under Bill Carmody) and NC State (under Herb Sendek) have been well short of unqualified successes. This season and next season will be a good test to determine if the system can maintain momentum even with the passing of the first all-Thompson class.