Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ray Floriani Sighting(s)

Just took a look in my inbox and noticed a prod from Ray Floriani (occasional contributor), who wanted to let us know that he's now also writing for College Chalk Talk (A-10 Conf. blog). I especially liked his write-up of the UMass NIT run, where he points out that defense was the difference maker (one of my favorite themes). As usual, greyCat from VbtN is out ahead of me on this.

If you didn't know, Ray has been writing about college basketball for more than 25 years now - he's based out of the Garden State. In addition to numerous articles for a number of on-line websites (e.g. Hoopville, Cracked Sidewalks, Villanova by the Numbers, Basketball Times), he's also the author of a pictoral history of the NIT, available on Amazon (5-star rated!).


Speaking of other blogs, if you haven't had a chance, do go over to Cracked Sidewalks (Marquette blog), as Henry Sugar is just killing it in the off-season with his 2-part Big East preseason preview (Intro, Part 1, Part 2).

Also, a relatively new Big East blog has arrived, Cards Hoops (now linked on the right sidebar), which got out of the gates with a run-down of the top-75 Big East players for the upcoming season (here's the top-10). No obvious methodology, as far as I could tell, but a good read nonetheless.

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